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Are you a company, brand, experience, or destination trying to reach new audiences?
Travel Dot to Dot is an up and coming travel blog inspiring readers to travel by delivering lively stories, helpful tips, great photos, fun videos, and engaging social media coverage. We travel far and wide to the best travel destinations around.

Services offered

Airline Partnerships: We’ll work with your team on press trips, or work together on a brand new campaign tailored to your requirements.

Fashion Brand & Product Partnerships: We use fashion and beauty products throughout our travels and would love to help you showcase your brand. Leverage our knowledge of the fashion & beauty landscape and let us help you grow your brand.

Hotel and Activity Sponsorship: During our travels, we’ve worked directly with many 5 star and boutique hotels as well as activity and experience providers. Work with us and we’ll come directly to your property to help promote it. We’ve been horseback riding, camel riding, sailing, helicopter touring, flying, and more! Let us know what you’ve got in mind and we can work together to achieve your goals.

Product Reviews: We’ll review your product as part of our next few trips and work with your team on actionable feedback. We know what we like and what our followers are interested in and we’ll let you know all about it. When ready, we’ll team up and spread the word to our network with some exciting campaigns. We also offer more in depth and longer term campaigns where we’ll detail how we use the product as part of our travel routine. These are our favorite types as we love using the latest and greatest in travel products!

Social Media Campaigns: Engage directly with our social media followers and increase your brand’s reach. We offer various campaigns and promotion strategies that resonate with our followers.

Direct Advertisement: If you want to purchase advertising space directly please email us or contact us below.

Giveaways: We try to do giveaways a few times a year as it’s something our readers love. Let us know what you’re thinking and we can get your newest products directly into the hands of our readers.

Don’t see something listed here you’re interested in? Contact us below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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