Choosing the Right Place to See Monkeys

Visiting Bali isn’t complete without having that photo with a monkey- it screams, I’ve been to Bali. Picking which place to hang with the monkeys is more important than you think. I’ve heard horrific  stories of these lovable creatures stealing wallets, sunglasses, and worst of all phones. If you don’t play your cards right, they could rip away your phone from your hands, which means no monkey photo for you!

The Uluwatu temple is perched on top of a steep cliff boasting views of the Balinese sea. Seaside means sunsets are gorgeous, but what’s not so gorgeous is trying to get that picture perfect Christmas card photo with monkeys running at you left and right. Oh wait, and there’s one pulling your keys out of your handbag. Despite it’s views, the monkeys at Uluwatu seemed to be trained with one thing in mind, stealing valuables. These monkeys are stealth, they have your keys before you know it, and they won’t give them back.

Mean Monkeys… (You Are Warned)

The Ubud monkey forest is on the other side of the scale, immediately as you walk in, you are transported into a magical forest. There’s something about the low hanging sun rays hitting the trees, and the monkeys who watch you timidly from their stoop, that make this place unique. I’m not going to say these monkeys are friendly and the Uluwatu monkeys are not, but there are less frequent sitings of malicious monkeys here. Largely less!

Sweet Monkeys…

Entrance ticket for adult is IDR 50.0o00 and IDR 40.000 for child.
You can buy a ticket when you arrival. Operational time is on 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM

However, if you have a free day, I’d encourage you to spend your time elsewhere else. Rent a scooter and check out the Tukad Cepung waterfall, it’s 1.5 hr from Seminyak. On the way back, get dinner at Bambu and order the satay!

After Monkeys, Whats Next?