For those braving the −22 °F temperature in Oslo, Norway or −30 °F in Helsinki, Finland…

Winter is the perfect time to dust off the bikinis and board shorts and jet out to somewhere tropical. We’ve come up with four cities that are known to be warm year-round, even when half of the world is under snow.

Con Dao island in Vietnam:

Con Dao is a group of islands off the Southeast coast of Vietnam known for their marine life, sandy white beaches, and coral. Year round, it has a high temperature around 80 °F and known for being a traveler’s paradise. It’s also a breeding ground for turtles who start laying eggs anywhere from July to October, sometimes as late as November. As Con Dao is a small island, there aren’t as many options for accommodations as if you were in Ho Chi Minh. However, there is one near and dear to our hearts. Six Senses Con Dao is an exclusive eco-luxury beach resort fitted with one to three-bedroom villas so close to the ocean you can hear the wave into the night. It’s the perfect winter paradise that will make you forget about the wind and snow you left behind.

Kep, Cambodia:

Kep is another hidden coastal province town with high temperatures year-round due to its location in South East Asia. In the wintertime, expect perfect temperatures around 85°F with full sun while you tan at the tropical sandy beach. Kep province is known for its seafood as well as wide streets with French architecture as it was formerly a French colonial resort town. When you go, you must go to the crab market. You’ll find fresh prawns and crabs for only $10 per kilo. The crabs are cooked in front of you to taste that you’ll be salivating over for months on end.

Muscat, Oman

Many people have never heard of Oman before. We are familiar with Dubai and UAE but Oman gets pushed to the side. However, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the winter due to its location surrounded by mountains and deserts. It mixes upscale shops with 16th century Portuguese forts overlooking the harbor. It’s Oman’s port capital with marble clad mosques and bazaars. The weather during the winter is around 80 °F, which is quite normal, as it is high year-round. Muscat is also known for its lush resorts; our favorite is the Kempinski Hotel.

Sayulita, Mexico

It’s true, Mexico has great weather year-round. Instead of hitting Cancun, Cabo, or Puerto Vallarta, we love Sayulita. It’s a small coastal village with strong surf and hippy culture which attracts many expats who move there to start a new life running surf shops, restaurants, and B&B’s. Sayulita’s major appeal is a place where one can live and eat cheap. The winter temperature is around 82 °F which is what we like to call, perfect tanning weather.

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