Descend 3,200 ft into the Grand Canyon and land at a private bluff overlooking the Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon is home to layered bands of red rocks revealing millions of years of geological history. It’s colorful landscape and thick sequence of ancient rocks attract over 4.5 millions visitors a year. Many people visit the Grand Canyon as a day trip from Las Vegas, being only 25 minutes away. However, the majority of tourists are seeing the Grand Canyon wrong.

Up Up And Away

Taking a helicopter tour is the only way to feel the overwhelming size of the Grand Canyon. We found Sundance being the most reputable tour company out there and you will get the white glove experience. Prepare to get picked up from your hotel via limo. The limo will transport you 20 minutes away to the helicopter base, and off you’ll go. The thick sequence of ancient rocks are well preserved and exposed in the canyon.

Nature Lovers Only

Prepare for panoramic views of all the major landmarks between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. You’ll see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the vastness of the Mojave Desert before landing in the middle of the canyon awaiting a champagne picnic.

Easy Breezy Canyon Lifestyle

After you enjoy a peaceful champagne lunch under the shade, you’ll probably end up taking hundreds of photos- as many as your phone storage can hold. There are no bad pictures of the Canyon. She’s quite the beauty.

One Last Look

Grand Canyon’s horizontal striations are awe-worthy and makes it known it is one of the worlds most spectacular formations. You’ll land back down at the Sundance helipad and a limo will await you. How’s that for a day excursion?

Name: Sundance Helicopters 

Address: 5596 Haven St, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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Meanwhile in the Mojave…