Let’s Get Started…

It’s known that Taipei is the best city in the world to eat. Finding a good restaurant is easier than ever. Taiwanese grew up on convenience, and thats what makes Taiwan, according to CNNTravel,  the country with the worlds best food. On every corner you can find at least three beef noodle soup shops, at least two xiao long bao shops, and at least one bakery. Let’s get on with the list, I know you’re hungry.

Top 10 Restaurants

  1. Din Tai Fung– you haven’t experienced Taipei until you’ve had Din Tai Fung’s soup dumplings.
  2. Tian jing cong zhua bing– Taipei’s most glorified scallion pancake. You won’t be able to escape the lines no matter what time you go!
  3. Yongkang Beef Noodles– hearty and flavorful “Hong Shao” style of beef broth.
  4. Gen Creative– an LA/NY creative type restaurant with an innovative western menu.
  5. Le Blanc– For you meat lovers, this is the best steakhouse you’ll find in Taipei; high quality and cooked properly, medium rare. If meat isn’t your choice, then order a lobster! 
  6. Domani– The scallop risotto is a must try at this modern style Italian restaurant. Sophisticated decor which makes for a great date spot!
  7. Addiction Aquatic Development– Taipei’s very own fish market with a large selection of local and imported live fish. Friendly and chic atmosphere with serves fish at a super reasonable price! Best prices in town, period. 
  8. Mume– Voted as one of Asia’s top 50 best restaurants, this European/Asian fusion entices locals and foreigners alike. A must try is the beef tartare with clam mayo, confit egg yolk and preserved daikon.
  9. Nomura Sushi– If you want a traditional Japanese Omakase this is the best hidden gem in Taipei. The Omakase starts off with sashimi slices and then moves on to Nigiri sushi, served one by one by Chef Nomura.
  10. Ryugin– 3 star michellin chef, Seiji Yamamoto opened a sister branch to his location in Tokyo. The menu boasts an 11 course menu which makes for an unforgettable taste. Truly a culinary delight.

What’s best to do on a full belly in Taiwan?