San Miguel De Allende, Mexico is an artist’s dream

The colors, the way the sun shines on the cobblestones, and the poetry of the colonial style architecture makes this a hidden oasis from city life. The quaint city was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you wont find modern dwellings or skyscrapers here. All the colors and architecture are kept as they were in the 17th and 18th centuries. Walking around the streets filled with bougainvillea, you’ll bypass gallery after gallery. Go inside and talk to the owners, hear their stories, and sip wine with them in the backyard. At least, that’s what we did.

To Look

SOMOS Gallery is one of the most unique galleries we’ve been in. Not only is everything made and manufactured in Mexico, most of it is made right there in the heart of San Miguel. A sweet lady, Patricia Larsen, a Canadian who lives in San Miguel and runs the shop, and she will remind you there’s more art in the back. Wherever you go in the shop, you see art, art, and more art. From the cobblestone walkway, to the European/Mexican feel of the birdcage that sits next to the stairs, to the glass decanter holding rose. The beauty is in the nature.

To Stay

If you like the song bohemian rhapsody, Matilda is your choice. This boutique hotel is modern and minimalist with a splash of Mexican art. Only a ten minute walk from the city center, its is known for  its Mexican restaurant, MOXI by the well-known chef Enrique Olvera. The hotel has its quirks, and is all luxury, all the time.

If you’re the Auberge, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton type, you will adore the Rosewood San Miguel. Despite San Miguel’s small quarters, it doesn’t comprise. This huge resort is topped with luxurious minimum 570 sq ft room, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Its classic luxury is found from the art deco to the pillow embroideries. It’s a dream!

To Shop

Take some minutes to stop and take a look at the San Miguel mercados. There a tons of small shops lining downtown. The shops are owned by local artists, mostly foreigners who relocated to San Miguel. A special one, is Laura Kirar, who mixes bohemian style, with nature materials. All her jewelry and pottery are made by hand. She’s one of the hundreds of thriving artists living in the town.

Needless to say, this is a town where the more you walk, the more you understand its San Miguel artistic roots. Each door opens a new story, so get out there and enjoy.

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