There’s More to Hong Kong Than Shopping

Hong Kong is known as one of the major shopping hubs in the world. However, what most people don’t pay attention to is the endless amounts of nature surrounding this tiny island. Forget hiking Dragon’s Back hike where you think you’ll be escaping the city, just to bump into your neighbor, or your colleague.

Views For Days

Get off the beaten path and go for a more scenic, strenuous hike- Suicide Cliff  located on the Kowloon side.You are warned, the hike can be dangerous, so pay attention to the weather before you make the trek. Don’t go during rain or wind.

Duration: 2 hours
Views: 5/5
Difficulty: 3/5

How To Get There:

The route starts at Fei Ngor Shan Road. To get there, you can get off at Choi Hung MTR Station and walk up from Exit B, along Clear Water Bay Road to the starting point.  There are a few paths to get up. We took the quickest route which was also the steepest route. When you reach Fei Ngor Shan road, you have to turn left on the first adjacent road. Walk in, and the route can be found right before a home. Time to Sweat

If you’re looking for a real workout, go from Parkview to Violet Hill, to the Thousand Steps, then go to the Twins. You end up in Stanley, and by that time, you well have earned your lunch! This hike is a lot longer than Suicide Cliff. It’s more of a journey, you start easy, and work your way up, up, up through stairs and cliffs. This hike is what I like to call quad city, just hope your quads are ready. After the thousand steps, you have an option to opt out early and head to the direction of Repulse Bay (do not recommend) or continue the journey to Stanley.

Duration: 3 hours
Views: 4/5
Difficulty: 4/5

How to Get There:

From Wong Nai Chung Gap, walk towards Parkview. The entrance to the hike is on the right, its easy to find. Also, any HK taxi driver will know Parkview. Check the GPS, if you’re walking towards Violet Hill and Stanley, you are good! Most of the paths are concreted with clear signs.

After the hike you need some refuel right?