By the second day, the team already knows how sweet to make your old fashion and your favorite jam you want to listen to as your wake up call.

Not like the other Auberge hotels, AltaGracia in Costa Rica leads the pack with its isolation nestled at the top of Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica’s southern side. The hotel’s personalized service, and variety of nature activities make it a hot destination to retreat and rejuvenate the body.

Spa Heaven

Getting to the resort is half the fun. You have options to rent a car at the San Jose International Airport and drive three and a half hours from Lotes volis through the jungle of Llorente down to san migueel Norte. Or for those who don’t like wasting time, take a 30 min jet from the airport to AltaGracias own private landing strip. Pinkies up!

AltaGracia Doesn’t Skim on the Details

The resort is made up of 50 estate sized one, two, and three bedroom casitas. Each casita is about ¼ mile distance away from the next so you have complete privacy. I felt it was private enough to blast Odesza have an outside dance party outside in our robes. And that was before we popped the welcome champagne gift.

Live the Life of an AltaGracia Horse

Because Costa Rica is known for its luscious nature, it was a great excuse to wake up at 6AM to feed and ride horses along the mountains. There’s a huge stable located on the property minutes away from the pool. These horses are definitely living a privileged life. The stables are the size of two bedrooms, and immaculately clean due to daily cleaners, mornings and nights. Happy horses make for a happy ride!

Call Me When We Arrive

After morning horseback rides, we spent one afternoon kayaking along the Pacuare River which was booked via AltaGracia with Autentico Adventures. We were picked up at the hotel, caravanning for hours into the unknown jungle. The roads were windy swaying us from left to right in the back of the van with huge foggy windows. Who knew the tiny van bench makes for a good sleeping spot.

Costa Rica Dreams

We’ve heard a lot about San Manuel National Park so we had the hotel situate a driver to bring us there for the day.  The beach was full of companies lending floaties, hammocks, frisbees, etc.  so we ended up parasailing through the park landing in the water. We got a drink and watched the sun go down, one ray at a time.

For a vacation that is all rest and relaxation, this is it. Hacienda Altagracia is the best luxury wellness resort in Costa Rica. Put that tax refund money to good use, you earned it!

Can’t Get Enough of the Outdoors?