Move over Soul Cycle, the era of immersive fitness is here.

With the first studio started in Hong Kong at Pure Fitness at the California Tower, it’s quickly expanding throughout the globe. Les Milles, a world renown fitness guru coined, “The Trip” as being the worlds first interactive cycling class. The 270-degree immersive cinema studio takes you across the Joshua Tree desert, through Antarctica glaciers, and takes your ride through space.

Desert Without The Heat

Soon enough, you’ll be flying through your workout having been the highest hills and back. The futuristic graphic displays gives riders the sensation of turning corners, climbing hills, and flying down mountainsides. It gives the sense of playing Mario Cart but, on acid. You’re burning calories instead of gaining party calories.

To Space and Back

The best way to experience the fully immersive experience is to clear the mind, and focus on the projections. With that, the projections will take you to higher levels, higher worlds. Now, that is an experience itself. Your legs will pick up speed, and your heart rate will increase. You know you are doing it right.

Where To Ride?

Name: Pure Fitness Hong Kong

Address: 18/F California Tower 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

Name: The 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport location in Santa Monica

Address: 2929 31st St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Take You For a Ride…


Afterwards, it’s time to eat