Your cousin wants you to come with her and the kids to Universal, now what?

With so many rides, screaming kids, under the hot California sun, it’s easy to get lost in the amusement park daze. Here’s our perfect Universal Studios itinerary so you can make the most of your next trip!

Weekday Warriors

The best time to go to Universal is on a Tuesday/Wednesday. During these days, you skip the weekend crowd, as well as the “long weekend” stragglers. The park opens at 9:00AM except Saturday at 8:00AM. Go as the park opens and enjoy shorter ride wait times. In the summer it gets packed, so if you must go during school break, go in the beginning of June, or at the end of August/ beginning September.

Tip #1: Go on a Tuesday/Wednesday

Go Before It’s Gone

The Jurassic Park ride at Universal is a classic. Everyone and anyone growing up in LA knows this ride, and rightfully so, it’s been around since 1996. Word on the street is, it will be closing down September 3, 2018, so go while you can! I’d recommend going as soon as you enter the park so you can dry off with the help of the Cali sunshine. Don’t go at night, you will be cold and wet. Unless that’s the look and feel you want.

Tip #2: Make Jurassic Park your first ride

The Secret is Out

Yes, Universal Studios has a bar on the grounds and the drinks aren’t half bad either. Mulligans Irish pub is located in front of the Despicable Me ride, which is to the left of the entrance. Grab a beer, or my preference, a margarita and bring it with you to the next destination: The Studio Tour.

Tip #3: Mulligans Bar is the place to hydrate

Why do crazy people keep gravitating towards me?

Spotted: Norman from A&E’s Bates Motel. This is one of the special behind the scenes you’ll see on the Universal Studio Tour. Universal recently upgraded the studio tour with King Kong 3D’s recreation of Skull Island as well as Fast & Furious Supercharged also in 3D. Sip on your drink and relax your feet for the rest of the day.

Tip#3: Take the studio tour after a Mulligans refresher

Wingardium Leviosa!

Save the best for last. Step into Hogwarts around 4PM for shorter wait times for the two rides: Flight of the Hippogriff and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The Forbidden Journey is epic: You soar above Hogwarts on your broomstick, while ducking and diving through Aragog’s webs. (Those huge venomous spiders). It’s all motion simulated with state of the art equipment. At one moment you are almost completely upside down, so for those who easily get dizzy, be ready for that.

Tip #4: Visit Hogwarts around 4PM

Ron Weasley Hangry

After you’ve built up an appetite from dodging spiders, and spells from the Forbidden Journey ride, treat yourself to The Three Broomsticks restaurant here. While in theme of HP, the menu consists of a typical British fare including fish & chips, shepherds pie, cornish pastries, turkey legs, and vegetables. This is the best restaurant in all of Universal.

Tip #5: Eat at Three Broomsticks for dinner

Last But Not Least… Photo Opp!

It’s been tested. The entrance makes for the most perfect “This is California”, palm tree infused, photo. Go at sunset, strike a pose. Voilà!

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