Lower East Side, New York was once dominated by starving artists and skateboarders and now is an emerging hub that draws WallStreet type bankers, Upper East Side film directors, and cocktail connoisseurs.

Everything “hip” converges around LES and one can find everything- from dimly lit underground bars, to top rated mixologists, to sparkly cocktail dens. It’s one of the most unique drinking areas that Manhattan has to offer. Here’s the breakdown of everywhere you need you go when finding you in LES for the night.

Not Just Another Speakeasy

This tiny and somewhat hidden speakeasy is a treat for anyone who enjoys crafted cocktails. There’s really limited seating, with around 10 seats at the bar. The best thing about Attaboy is the menu. There is no menu. The bartenders ask what the tastes you enjoy in a cocktail, asks about your mood, and voilà. You have a perfectly curated cocktail.

Name: Attaboy
Address: 134 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

The Whiskey Shrine

Copper & Oak is more of an upscale cellar with your distant cousin who happens to be a whiskey connoisseur. This intimate setting has only 7 stools, so don’t go during peak hours or you might not get a seat. If it’s at capacity, there’s a cute little sign that will light up notifying you of this. There’s every type of whiskey.  We were able to try the Nikka Pure Malt Whiskey, which was very peaty and smokey. Overall, a pretty cool ambiance for an intimate gathering and enjoyment of fine whiskeys.

Name: Copper & Oak

Address: 157 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

What’s The Password?

It’s easy to walk past Fig 19 if you don’t know its location behind the Art Gallery. It’s right next to the bar Home Sweet Home and inside, past Envoy Enterprises art gallery. Walk past the unassuming gallery and you’re open a door that brings you into a prohibition-era style bar. The small space is ornate and eccentrically decorated. Most things don’t make sense, for example the stuffed taxidermy behind the liquor. Get the blackberry jalapeno infused margarita.

Name: Fig. 19

Address: 131 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

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