We all know summer in New York is the best season to visit the Big Apple.

Walking around Central Park, you notice the hibiscus and hydrangeas in full bloom. You hear laughter in every direction. You see picnic set up at every shaded corner of the park. What if you could enjoy the cute ambience of a picnic without the hassle?

Picnic Brought To You

There’s something quaint about eating in the middle of a park, sitting on the ground, enjoying the nature while watching the people pass by. There’s also something quaint about doing all the above but not having to prepare or cleanup. Perfect Picnic in NY provides a full service picnic ready waiting for you.

Champagne In The Park

Champagne and charcuterie is always a great idea. We also ate our weight in sandwiches, chopped salad, kettle chips, and cookies. If there’s any two people that could finish everything we were given, I’d raise a toast. The sandwiches were made to order from aa boutique shop nearby, the water, well it was boxed which assures great quality, right?

Belly’s Happy, I’m Happy

Relaxing on the blanket thinking about all the food you just took in, it’s the perfect time for a siesta. Find a good spot next to the lake and rest. Perfect picnic, you’re the real heroes.

Name: Perfect Picnic NY

When You Awake From Your Food Coma…