Downtown LA’s eclectic art scene, trendy coffee shops, and rooftop bars is a haven for millennials.

Millennials don’t like doing “normal”. More and more millennials are looking for a twist in normalcy, a break in linear, a innovative new taste. This is why millennials flock to The Far East Plaza in Downtown. The Far East Plaza is a 1970s food mall that mixes old and new school which has created quite the buzz in the foodie world. These are our favorite plaza restaurants you need to try.

Taiwan Meets LA

Lao Tao is located on the 2nd floor in the iconic mall. Owner, David Wang, originally from China but a Taiwanese food lover, started Lao Tao two years ago bridging Taiwanese thick flavors with American garnishes. Lao Tao, in it’s casual setting is the perfect place to get beef noodle soup, oyster pancakes, and pork belly. You’ll feel like you’re back in YongKang street in Taipei.

Name: Lao Tao

Address: 727 N Broaadway, Unit 207, Chinatown Los Angeles, CA 90012


From The Owners of the Kogi Truck

Chego, is a Korean, American, Mexican, Chinese fusion casual restaurant that is most known for their pork belly bowl and their ooey gooey fries. My all time favorite is their spam kimchi rice bowl with baaby bok choy and scrambled eggs. If you love Kogi like the rest of us, you’ll fall in love with Chego!

Name: Chego

Address: 727 N Broaadway, Unit 117, Chinatown Los Angeles, CA 90012

You’ve Probably Heard The Hype

Howlin’ Rays is iconic, with over two and a half hour lines over the weekend, this is the place to get real Naashville- style fried chicken and shake fries. You’ll see people taking pictures and videos expressing how the chicken continuously melts in your mouth. The line is always insane, so try to come during the week from 3:00-5:00 PM.

Name: Howlin’ Rays

Address: 727 N Broaadway, Unit 128, Chinatown Los Angeles, CA 90012

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